Want to take your personal Leadership Development Plan to a new level?


Over the years, we have had several inquiries from participants about how they can enrich their personal leadership development by engaging in a 360° Leadership Practice Inventory (LPI). We have arranged 360° assessments for leaders in a number of organizations either personally or via an organizational initiative. We are pleased to offer this service to individual alumni.

How do I get started?
If you wish to participate, please email Bev who will review the process with you and highlight expected results.

How will the LPI be conducted?
You will be asked to identify 8-14 individuals who are willing to complete a confidential LPI for you. We will enroll both you and your Observers in an on-line process to complete the assessment and provide you with a comprehensive and completely confidential report. The individual online time commitment is 15-30 minutes.

How will I know what to do with the results?
Your coach (Bev, Judith, Julia) will make an appointment for a 90 minute telephone or skype call to review the results of the assessment and to assist you with determining how to use the information to strengthen your leadership performance.

What will it cost?
The 360° LPI assessment, report and 90 minute coaching call will cost $500. Please contact us if you would like to engage in this assessment and learning opportunity.