Welcome to the Dorothy Wylie Health Leaders Institute Project Database! This database contains a listing of all of the projects that our alumni have undertaken as part of their institute programs.

Organization of the Database
The database is organized into four main sections: Care Delivery, Healthy Workplace, Business of Healthcare, and Personal/Professional/Team Development. Each section contains clusters of projects grouped under sub-headings for convenience of reference.

Searching the Database
In Adobe Reader click ‘View’ / ‘Zoom’ to zoom in or out on the database. Use Control F or ‘Edit’ / ‘Advanced Search’ to search by keyword(s) for an area of interest to you. For example, if you were interested in improving patient flow in the Emergency Department, you might search under “Emergency” and “Patient Flow”. Or, if you were interested in improving morale and strengthening teamwork in your work unit, you could search using ‘morale’, ‘satisfaction’ and ‘team’.

When you identify a project of interest to you, you can contact the “Project Owners” through the organization phone number likely listed on the organization’s website. A word of caution: some of the individuals may no longer be working on the unit or for the organization.

The Databases (pdf)

  1. Change Leadership Projects undertaken as part of the 2017 Dorothy Wylie Health Leaders Institute
  2. Abbreviated Home Based Projects Database: Contains projects since 2013
  3. Complete Home Based Projects Database: Contains all projects

Project Descriptions
Care Delivery
* Care Delivery Models
* Care Pathways / Best Practices
* Patient Client Centred Care
* New / Changed Clinical Program or Practice
* Patient Flow
* Community Development / Population Health

Healthy Workplace
* Values & Culture
* Healthy Workplaces / Quality of Work life
* Retention / Recruitment

Business of Health Care
* Knowledge Development/Transfer
* Information Systems / Technology Management
* New / Changed Non clinical Program or Practice
* Workload
* Standards / Measurement / Evaluation

Personal / Professional / Team Development
* Role Development
* Scope of Practice
* Professional Practice
* Leadership Development
* Education
* Orientation / Preceptorship / Mentoring
* Succession Planning
* Relationship Building / Team Building