Participants at previous Institutes are unanimous in their support for the program and the seven day learning experience.

What we are working to accomplish

  • Promote the assessment, acquisition and development of a set of core leadership competencies appropriate to the times and settings in which healthcare leaders practice;
  • Support participants to apply concepts in real life situations through reflective learning;
  • Allow for individual and group assessment of skills and areas for development;
  • Identify emergent leaders and begin a concrete and deliberate process for nurturing their development.

Valuable Outcomes for you! You will:

  • gain a deeper understanding of the competencies of leadership and their application to healthcare practice.
  • better position yourself and your organization to succeed as a leader of tomorrow’s knowledge workers.
  • get an inside perspective on how others use leadership competencies to create positive results.
  • develop a powerful set of practical tools that you can immediately put to work.
  • develop lasting relationships with other healthcare leaders across the country.