Health Leaders Institute Newsletter


Winter 2012
Happy New Year!
We hope that each of you enjoyed some special time with family and friends over the holidays and are returning to work rested and re-energized.

What’s happening at the Dorothy Wylie Nursing and Health Leaders Institute? Still going strong…….
Thanks to your ongoing support, we are pleased to report that we will be offering another combined program in 2012 – with the 4-day session May 22-25, 2012 and the 3-day follow-up October 10-12. Please see the 2012 brochure (pdf). Register here.

Want to take your personal Leadership Development Plan to a new level?
Over the years, we have had several enquiries from participants about how they can enrich the information for their personal leadership planning by engaging in a 360° Leadership Practice Inventory (LPI). In our consulting practices, we have arranged such assessments for a number of leaders in various organizations with whom we work and provided individual coaching on the meaning and value of the results. We are pleased to be able to offer this service to individual alumni. Learn more about this opportunity to enhance your Personal Leadership Development Plan.

In the News……
Sharing out insights from 10 years of experience. We have learned a lot from our time with you over the past 10 years … lessons that we believe will be useful to others involved in leadership development. So we wrote a paper about it, entitled “Promising Practices in Leadership Development”. The paper describes what we have learned from 23 offerings of the Institute – to over 2,200 existing and emerging health leaders, who have developed and executed some 900 leadership home-based projects! Specifically, the paper offers insights related to three key areas: a) the individual (the leadership aspirant or learner), b) the organization’s role in supporting leadership development, and c) leadership program design. The article is published in the Canadian Journal of Nursing Leadership, Volume 24 (3).

Upcoming Presentations include:

  • ‘Leadership Development through a New Lens’, to be presented at the Nursing Leadership Network (NLN) Conference in Toronto March 22 & 23, 2012.
  • ‘Promising Practices in Leadership Development’, to be presented at the RNAO/ Hadassah Hebrew University Medical Center International Nursing Conference, “Nursing: Caring to Know, Knowing to Care” to be held June 4 – 7 in Jerusalem, Israel.

Congratulations to Kaiyan Fu, who recently accepted the position of CEO at Yee Hong Centre of Geriatric Care. Kaiyan starts her new role in February, 2012.
We are always pleased to receive and share messages telling us of changes or accomplishments for our alumni. Send your news to us at, or

Special Thanks to our Sponsors
As always, we are grateful to our sponsors Johnson & Johnson Medical Products, the Nursing Leadership Network of Ontario (NLN), the Professional Practice Network of Ontario (PPNO), a voluntary group that brings together professional practice leaders from across the province for networking, collaboration and sharing, and Longwoods Publishing.

Spotlight on a Speaker
Dr. Jacoba Lilius is a relatively new addition to our guest faculty and brings her work on Compassion to the Institute. She is a warm and engaging speaker, perfect for a session on ‘Encouraging the Heart’! A little bit about Jacoba:

  • She is cross-appointed in the School of Policy Studies and School of Business at Queen’s University, joining the faculty after receiving her Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology from the University of Michigan in 2006.
  • As part of research collaboration with members of the CompassionLab PLEASE LINK RON, she has developed a stream of research toward understanding the form and impact of compassion in work organizations. Most recently, this research has focused on how frontline healthcare workers balance attachment and detachment to clients that allows them to provide high-quality care while minimizing burnout.
  • Her published work includes articles in Administrative Science Quarterly, Harvard Business Review, Journal of Organizational Behavior, and American Behavioral Scientist, as well as a book chapter in the Handbook of Organizational Studies.

Closing Thought
As we write this newsletter, 2012 has just begun. Whatever your plans or dreams for this new year, consider the following thought!
The 3 C’s in life are Choice, Chance, Change.
You must make the Choice,
To take the Chance,
If you want anything to Change!